Mark Your Calendar & Secure Your Spot: Showcase Your Business at the Upcoming Southern African Railways Association International Annual Event

The Southern African Railways Association (SARA) is pleased to confirmed that the next annual Conference and Exhibition will take place from the 20-23 of August 2024, and the Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg.

The theme for this year’s event “Boosting continental trade via Rail: Investments in African Railways for the sustainable development of the continent”

In a continent as vast and diverse as Africa, trade stands as the lifeline of economic vitality and a catalyst for cross-border unity. Yet, the full potential of our trade capabilities remains untapped, hindered by logistical challenges, infrastructural limitations and a pressing need for alignment with sustainable development principles. It is within this context that our theme for. 2024 gains its significance, proposing the railway as not just a mode of transport, but as the backbone of continental trade and development.

Railways have the transformative power to reduce transportation costs, enhance market accessibility, unlock competitiveness and significantly lower the environmental footprint of trade logistics. By investing in rail infrastructure, technology and services, we are not merely investing in tracks and trains; we are investing in economic growth, regional integration, and the sustainable future of our continent. 

These investments open up unprecedented opportunities for landlocked nations, foster economic communities, and lay down the tracks towards achieving #theAfricaWeWant and seeing the realisation of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) bringing together the 55 countries of the African Union (AU) and eight (8) Regional Economic Communities (RECs) to create a single market for the continent, to enable the free flow of goods and services across the continent. The emphasis on investing and developing the railway sector as a foundational pillar is further amplified by the ongoing advancement of the Southern African Trade and Transit Programme. This includes the creation of the Southern African Regional Railway Master Plan, a strategic initiative designed to bolster the region’s trade and transportation framework.

Realising this vision demands collective action, collaboration and commitment from all stakeholders. It requires the engagement and action of government entitiesindustry leaders, the innovation of suppliers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), the insight of rail customers, and the support of forward-thinking financiers and investors

This year’s conference and exhibition presents a key platform for displaying the latest in railway technology and solutions, new projects, and significant procurement opportunities that are linking the region and reshaping our transport network. These initiatives highlight the capacity of rail to enhance continental trade and contribute to sustainable development in Africa.  

As the region embarks on this transformative change, we extend an invitation for you to strategically position your business. Seize the opportunity to build, maintain, finance, manufacture, and supply to what is currently the fastest-growing sector on the continent, boasting the largest global order book for rolling stock and new rail builds.

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To contact the organisers: 

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