CFM (Mozambique Ports and Railways)


CFM (Mozambique Ports and Railways) is a legally constituted Public Company, technically under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Transports and Communications and financially under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Economics and Finance. CFM has the responsibility to operate in the area of the transport industry, the Ports and Railways Sector, either directly or with the participation of the Private Sector in the management of the railways and port terminals through the model of concessions.

Notwithstanding, CFM still maintains as its primary objective the public interest in the system. The mission of CFM is to secure with the involvement of the Private Sector, aiming at implementing significant investments, the total operation of a modern Port and Railway Transport System so as to render it competitive, efficient, market-oriented and financially viable.

Within this scope the objectives of the Company are as follows:

  • Promote and develop rail and port infrastructure;
  • Operate the rail and port system promoting logistic activities of goods and passengers transport, and
  • Maximize the rationalization of its assets by increasing their returns.