EMS Industries


Do you remember the age-old saying “Prevention is better than Cure?”
At EMS Industries, we believe it is still true today, because, “It’s easier and cheaper to stop something happening in the first place than to repair the damage after it has happened.”

This motivates us to design and manufacture our End of Train Telemetry Systems and Devices with the utmost precision and care. This is also why we use the latest technical and technological expertise to ensure that our clients get the best EOT Telemetry Systems that money can buy. So they can prevent as far as possible Rail disasters, downtime, and Operational losses. Rail Operators want to be sure that their trains will reach their destinations safely and on time. Rail accidents are extremely expensive and disruptive. The cost of a lost human life is incalculable. They need a solution that is effective yet not prohibitively expensive. That is why we can safely say that with our EOT Telemetry Systems, ‘Peace of Mind is part of the Deal.’

EMS Industries is the leading manufacturer of Rail Telemetry Systems in South Africa. Constant Research and Development results in innovative and groundbreaking Technologies that benefit our clients by assisting them to run their Rail Operations at optimum performance.