Pindulo Logistics


Pindulo VDM and Pindulo Logistics are renowned for their comprehensive logistics solutions and will showcase their innovative approaches to enhancing rail and port operations across Southern Africa.

Pindulo VDM: Comprehensive South African Logistics Solutions

Pindulo VDM, a BBBEE Level 2 South African entity with greater than 30% Black Female Ownership, operates a back-of-port bulk terminal handling facility at Saldanha. With over 50,000 m² of warehousing capacity, the facility manages the export of approximately 3 million tonnes of ore per annum, including manganese, zinc, copper, lead concentrates, and phosphate.

The business is vertically integrated, offering comprehensive logistics solutions from the mine to the port, encompassing:

–        Loading at Mine Sites: Efficiently loading bulk materials directly at the source.

–        Road and Rail Transport: Managing over 450 vehicles to supplement rail transport, ensuring seamless movement of goods.

–        Port Warehousing and Stevedoring Operations: Providing extensive storage and handling capabilities with an Approved Atmospheric Emissions License for up to 9.4 million tonnes of ore annually.

Project Legacy: Pioneering Sustainable Rail Logistics

Project Legacy represents a transformative initiative, showcasing Pindulo VDM’s commitment to innovation and leadership in the logistics sector. With a substantial R150 million investment, this project aims to directly connect Pindulo VDM to the Salkor Yard in Saldanha. By reducing shunting from 19 km to just 3 km and eliminating four level crossings that traverse suburban areas, Project Legacy significantly enhances safety and operational efficiency. This direct connection ensures expedited turnaround times for trains, perfectly aligning with Transnet Freight Rail’s (TFR) strategy to increase the volume of trains via the Saldanha Corridor.

This initiative embodies the theme of this year’s SARA Rail event, “Boosting Continental Trade via Rail: Investments in African Railways for the Sustainable Development of the Continent,” underscoring Pindulo VDM’s role in driving sustainable transport and logistics solutions across the region.

Key objectives of Project Legacy include:

1.     Increased Cargo Volumes: Supporting TFR’s goal of increasing manganese volumes through the Main Port Terminal in Saldanha.

2.     Enhanced Productivity: Streamlining operations to reduce missed slots and capacity losses.

3.     Risk Mitigation: Rerouting the train line away from densely populated areas to enhance safety and reduce environmental impact.

4.     Improved Access: Providing seamless access to the Industrial Development Zone (IDZ) via Pindulo VDM’s facilities.

5.     Strategic Positioning: Leveraging proximity to the port and extensive storage capabilities.

Pindulo Logistics: Pioneering Operations in Namibia

Pindulo Logistics, the Namibian entity, has established a significant presence at the Port of Walvis Bay with over 8,500 m² of in-port warehousing and over 5000 m2 at back-of-port. In its first year, Pindulo Logistics has successfully facilitated the export of copper concentrate for its 13th vessel. The company’s patented closed skip and tilter stevedoring system has increased port efficiency by over 400%, exemplifying extreme and sustainable efficiencies. This innovative system enhances safety, minimises environmental impact, and ensures the secure handling of high-value materials, setting a new standard in port operations.